At StarCycle studios, we believe in riding hard. Not only will you see the best physical results, and get a tremendous mental boost, but you will also see how much you are capable of doing.

But riding hard is only helpful if you are also riding safe. That is why we are putting this post together: to help you push yourself to the limit without crossing it. With these steps in mind, you can break a sweat while still honoring your body.

Step One: Talk to Your Instructor
If you are new to cycling class, or even if you are just trying out new indoor cycling studios in your area, it is important to communicate that to your instructor. Once they know that you are new to indoor cycling, they will keep an eye on you throughout the class.

They will also be able to take the time to explain to you some of the technical points of cycling fitness that can often be neglected. Just like every other form of exercise, proper form is paramount. Those technical pointers will help you improve your form and better enable you to avoid injury while riding.

Additionally, if you are injured or need to take it easy for any other reason (pregnancy, for instance), let your instructor know that too. Part of their job is to help motivate you, so if they are unaware of extenuating circumstances, you can bet they will try to push you to work harder. Additionally, if they know about your circumstances, they can often provide some tips to help mitigate any possible damage.

Step 2: Adjust Your Bike
Proper form isn’t going to do you much good if your bike isn’t properly set up. Before your fitness class, it is important to adjust your handlebars and your seat to the proper height for your body. Your seat should reach the top of your hip, and you should be able to reach the bottom of your pedal stroke with your knee still slightly bent and your foot flat.

For your handlebars, you have two things to think about. First, they need to be close enough that you can reach without leaning forward. Additionally, the handlebars should be higher than your seat at a minimum.

Step 3: Listen to Your Body
You know your body best, so if something feels wrong to you, don’t do it. It might be tempting to overexert yourself, especially if your cycling class instructor is telling you to push it. Understand that is your instructor’s job to make the indoor cycling experience as rewarding as possible, and it is your job to know when to say “enough”.

Finally, remember to hydrate well before heading into class. When you know you’re going to cycling class that day, make sure to drink plenty of water in the hours leading up to class.

Exercise classes and indoor cycling studios are an excellent way to stay in shape. In fact, researchers have shown that only 30 minutes of cycling each day will help you burn almost 11 pounds of fat during the span of a year. But just like other types of fitness classes, there is a chance you might get hurt if you do not use the proper technique or push yourself too far.