If you have never been to cycling classes, it can be a bit intimidating. In fact, many people who are going to their first class admit to having fallen victim to a number of the myths. In reality, indoor cycling classes are a great option for people from all walks of life that are looking for a good fitness class.

In order to help ease any fears or misconceptions you might have that are keeping you from that first class, we’re going to spend a little time busting up some of the most common myths you might have heard about cycling classes.

We hope you stick around for the ride.

  1. Cycling Classes Are For Women
    One of the biggest lies we hear is that exercise classes are for women only. While it’s true that there is a slightly higher number of women in most cycling-based classes, there is also a slightly higher number of women in the world in general, so we think it’s pretty par for the course. The important thing to remember is that a great exercise class is as fun and good for men as it is for women.
  2. Cycling Requires a Uniform
    It’s no myth that most people in class will likely be wearing cycling or exercise pants, but that doesn’t mean you have to conform. As long as you’re wearing tightly fitted pants that won’t snag in the cycling equipment, you should feel free to wear whatever makes you most comfortable.
  3. It’s Too Easy
    As you may have heard, exercise bikes are a very low impact form of cardio. But don’t let that fool you! Cycling is hardly easy. With a mix of interval and elevation training, the best cycling classes are meant to help you shed weight, get sweaty, and stay in the very best shape. If you’re still not convinced, come in and try it, then tell us about how easy it is.
    High Intensity Exercise Class Isn’t for Shy People
    Exercise classes of any kind can be intimidating for people with anxiety or people who are shy. Fortunately, cycling isn’t like your typical group exercise class. The supportive atmosphere and positive environment of the right exercise studio makes it the perfect place for you to get your feet wet.
  4. It’s Too Tiring
    It can be hard to find time to fit exercise in, especially if you work at a demanding job. But while you might think that cycling will leave you drained, cycling three times a week has been shown to stimulate dopamine production and increase energy levels by 20%! What’s more, it can reduce fatigue by an estimated 65%!

Whether you are new to indoor cycling, or have been riding hard for years, everyone is welcome at a StarCycle studio- let’s ride!