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    Ready To Start Your Own Indoor Cycling Studio Business?

    A Highly Profitable Indoor Cycling Franchise Opportunity

    We are more than just a kickass indoor cycling class. We believe our success is from the combination of our three brand pillars: our workout, our community and our inclusivity. Without all three, we wouldn’t be where we are today. By joining StarCycle as a studio owner you will be fostering a supportive community in your neighborhood by building relationships, and curating a safe and supportive environment for clients to come as they are and blossom into their best selves on and off the bike.

    Franchise Fee

    Low cost to enter: $40K

    Monthly Royalty

    No high fees, just a fair 5% franchise royalty

    Marketing Fee

    World-class marketing at 2%

    Ready to Join A Multi-Billion Dollar Industry?

    “I left corporate America and opened a StarCycle studio because I wanted a better lifestyle — and I am so happy I did! But what surprised me was how much of an impact I’ve made to my community. We hear almost daily how StarCycle has changed peoples lives, and not just because of the weightloss, but more because of the mental break (no technology) and confidence that comes from our class. That deeper ‘why’ has blown me away and allowed me to truly take my passion and turn it into a successful career.”

    Eryn Washington, StarCycle Vancouver Co-Owner

    Indoor Cycling Franchise
    Done Right

    Our instructor training program sets us apart. We have customized our training experience to be the best in the business. All instructors go through a 8 week process and leave our 3 day intensive corporate training with the tools they need to kick ass and create smiles. Our team of Master Trainers are dedicated to constantly improving our class instructors, making sure we are the best indoor cycling workout on the market and that every studio opens strong with instructors who feel confident to lead and can inspire others to be their best selves. And we don’t stop there, our Master Trainers continue to inspire instructors on all levels for years! With videos, music, innovating new moves and teaching tools to ensure the class stays a constant source of challenge and inspiration

    Our Studios

    1,900–2,300 Sq. Ft average
    One indoor cycling studio with 25–36 bikes
    Two bathrooms (showers optional)
    ~150sqft StarKids Play Lounge (childcare)
    Reception Area with Retail

    Each of our studios are slightly unique, that’s the beauty of being a boutique experience. We design to your specific location and needs.

    Are You

    • Interested in becoming a change-making business owner?
    • Already a business owner looking to expand your portfolio?
    • Passionate about building a positive and inclusive communities?
    • Interested in becoming a leader in the next big indoor cycling movement?
    • Have marketing or operations experience? (Not a must, but a great bonus!)
    • Experienced in health & wellness, fitness, sports or franchising? (Also not mandatory, but a bonus!)
    • Able to finance a buildout ranging from $272-495k?
    • Ready to have more control over your career and your life?

    So we’re here to support you at every step.

    As a StarCycle Studio Owner you will “TURN I WISH INTO I WILL”. You’re an entrepreneur with an entire team of industry veterans behind you. Our team has been successful in the fitness and franchise industries for decades and have opened a collective 1000+ studios.

    We offer comprehensive corporate training and support for our studio owners throughout the process and tailored to every market. We’re talking in depth instructor training, support with real-estate, design, construction, marketing, merchandising, and much more. We’re in your corner helping you to create a successful business with longevity.


    Who is the ideal candidate?
    Our ideal candidate has a passion for health and fitness with a background in business. They are community leaders who embody our core values and are driven to make a difference. The candidate will have the ability to create a great studio culture that empowers others to be their best selves. The candidate will have liquid cash of $100K, net worth of $500K.
    Are single and multi-unit opportunities available?
    Yes we offer both opportunities.
    How much does a StarCycle studio make?
    Based upon Federal Trade Commission guidelines, we are precluded from providing earnings estimates or profit potential. We encourage prospective franchisees to conduct significant due diligence prior to committing to a new business venture. We provide names and phone numbers of existing franchisees in the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). At the end of the day, you are in control of this question. Your willingness to adhere to our operating system and your dedication to build a great team and community the key factors in answering this question.
    Is teaching classes an owner requirement?
    All owners are required to go through instructor training but you can choose to teach or just focus on building and managing your amazing team.
    How do I get started?
    Complete this form and we will reach out to you within 48 hours to begin the conversation!