When StarCycle was first started in 2013, we wanted to create a workout that was fun and effective, within a community that was supportive to everybody and for every body. Four years later, we have created an indoor cycling experience like no other: we call it a dance party on a bike, and everyone is invited.

But our dreams of creating our own company didn’t begin and end with just the workout. We wanted to build an entire business model that was refreshing and unique. A company that allowed us to work hard, but also understood that we are moms who play an active role in raising our children. A place where we could challenge ourselves to try new things, while supporting one another when they didn’t work out the way we had hoped.

Ultimately, we wanted to have fun with our jobs and to build something that would be fun for other people to be a part of as well. And we’re doing it: we’ve opened two studios of our own and have four franchise locations (our newest studio opened just weeks ago!), with more to come. Our studio owners, along with our team, bring so much insight and energy that I feel lucky to work with each of them. And we hear from our clients on a daily basis how they feel happier since coming to StarCycle.

Is all of this a walk in the park? Heck no! While our workout is super fun, it’s hard. You’ll sweat like never before. You’ll have classes where you simply can’t keep the beat, no matter how hard you try. Owning a StarCycle studio is the same: it’s incredible but it’s also a lot of work. But I’ve found that anything worthwhile is challenging and this journey with StarCycle continues to be the ride of my life. When my daughters have a soccer game, I can make the time to be there. When school is out of session, I either bring them to work with me (we have craft-based child care at all of our studios) or work from home. I’m working hard, but within my own terms, and I respect that of everyone who’s part of our team. And I have to say, any hiccup that comes with being a business owner is made so small when I see how vibrant our clients look after class, when our team shares how much they love being a part of this company, or when our studio owners tell me it’s the best job they’ve ever had.

We’re still growing and evolving StarCycle, but we always want to keep it real and keep it fun. If you’re thinking about joining this party, either as a client or as a studio owner, we’ll keep a bike open for you!



To learn more about opening a studio in your community and be your own boss, click the franchise tab in the header. To ride with us, find a studio near you.