StarCycle spreads like wildfire through the region – first Oregon, then Washington and now opens its fourth studio, located just south of Denver, in Centennial Colorado.

Yvonne Faulkner and Anne Romano, the two ladies behind the new studio, are pumped about introducing the StarCycle experience to everyone in the Denver-Metro area.

“We have a client who’s only been riding six weeks and is already addicted,” says Anne. “Every time she’s here, she says ‘I just wanna work here, I’ll do anything, I just want to be here!’” She ended up auditioning and will now be one of our instructors!”

StarCycle co-founder, Dionne Del Carlo, and Yvonne have known each other since graduate school, rooming together thereafter and keeping up with each other despite the miles in between their friendship.

“I’ve been following Dionne’s career progression and knew about StarCycle’s first opening three years ago,” says Yvonne. “I thought it would be an awesome opportunity out here in Denver where everyone is really fitness-forward.”

Once the Cedar Mill studio opened and StarCycle started offering franchising opportunities, Yvonne’s interest increased. Then in an almost divine dinner gathering, Anne’s husband, Pete, expressed interest in investing and growing a new, local business outside of his corporate responsibilities. Yvonne heard this and proposed the perfect idea: StarCycle.

Yvonne and Anne are two moms who previously met at their children’s elementary school and joined efforts in a mission to bring health and wellness to the school through their PTA work. So teaming up together to run their own fitness studio fit within their ideals and goals and after speaking with their husbands, they took the opportunity and ran.

“I used to go mountain biking with Dionne but I’ve never been a fan of running,” says Yvonne. “And there are a lot of cyclists but because of the four seasons, people need a winter-alternative workout.”

Anne, on the flip-hand, had toe surgery last November and is an avid runner, marathoner and triathlete. “I’ve been out of running for 2 years now,” says Anne. “It’s driving me nuts!”

But she found StarCycle to be the perfect opportunity for less-impactful workouts, even for injured athletes. Anne highlights how StarCycle rides are highly aerobic but not high impact and such a healthy alternative to running.

Both women have six children combined, ranging in ages 11 through 18. All the kids love coming and hanging out at StarCycle, whether to spend time in the enormous craft-based child care area – an unusual perk not offered at other local, boutique fitness studios – or to ride with their parents.

“What we hear from our clients, aside from how they love the concept, is how our studio offers a tech-free, warm family atmosphere,” says Yvonne.

One client came in only after two rides and said:

“I’m driving to my other gym right now and canceling it right now because I love this!”

Another client left saying they loved how StarCycle isn’t just “a sweaty workout.”

“We’re really easy going, we’re not like pretentious and crazy,” says Anne. “We really focus on mind and body workouts, in a dark atmosphere where it’s an individual pursuit, not constantly being monitored or competing with other riders.”

If you’ve ever tried StarCycle, you do get sweaty. Really sweaty. But in the end, you walk out refreshed, elated and ready to conquer your world.

“We help all our clients focus on themselves,” says Dionne, who continues to push her clients as an instructor in the original Lake Oswego studio alongside co-founder/instructor Erin Moone.

“We don’t expect people to come in and compete on their bike next to someone they don’t know, someone with a completely different physical make-up, completely different goals, completely different lifestyle,” says Dionne. “We’re here to help each client become their own rockstar – in their own unique way.”

The Centennial StarCycle studio will be hosting its Grand Opening on August 27th and 28th. With multiple local charity rides lined up in the near future, new instructors auditioning and jumping on board as they add new class times, Yvonne and Anne are already scouting out their next location in or near Denver.

“Erin and Dionne are extremely easy and fun to work with,” says Yvonne. “They’re always checking in, asking ‘what do you need, how can we support you?’

They pretty much let us run our studio the way we want to.”

“And the best part is, with classes in the morning, I’ve oftentimes been able to go into the studio and be home before the girls are even up,” says Anne.

If you love staying fit, indoor cycling and love StarCycle’s concept but don’t have a studio near you, consider running your own StarCycle business where you’ll get to do what you love, every day, while still having time for the other important things in your life.

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