My Star Story – From Client to Director of Training

Take a look at this video I made for a project my senior year of college.

I stumbled upon StarCycle over 6 years ago, when a girl I danced with told me about this cool new spin studio that just opened in town. I so vividly remember walking in for my first class and wondering, “Do I need shoes? No, I have shoes on.” Ha! Little did I know I was about to clip in and fall in love with the ride. 

Instantly, I idolized every instructor. Sure I had my favorites, but they were all spin queen’s in my eyes. Coming from a strong dance background, I was drawn to the loud music, riding to the beat and the choreography. I knew I would find a way to make it up to the podium myself someday. 

Not long after, I left for college. I missed a lot of things that first year–my dog, my family, my town… but what I actually missed the most was StarCycle. After deciding to transfer colleges for many reasons, I scored a job working childcare/front desk so I could start to learn the ropes and hopefully get in on the next instructor auditions. A few months later, I began my training and was over the moon ecstatic. 

About two years into instructing, I developed an interest in training the upcoming instructors. I joined the training team as a Master Trainer, and always thought how cool it would be to make that my full-time gig. Literally, it was the dream job. I graduated college with a B.S. in Organizational Communication, and eagerly went into Corporate America two weeks after graduation. I was happy, but still thinking of that dream job…

You guessed it. This summer I joined the StarCycle full-time as their Director of Training and Franchise Relationships. To be in my mid twenties and be able to say I’m living my dream job is something I never take for granted. No, the dream job isn’t always easy, but it’s rewarding as ever. 

Has the dream stopped? Nope. One day I hope to have my own StarCycle Franchise studio. Till’ then, StarFam.