It might be that you think that cycling classes are just another fad, or maybe you are a runner through and through. Whatever the reason may be, you haven’t yet tried an indoor cycling class.

Keep in mind, indoor cycling classes are hugely beneficial: they offer great cardio, they burn calories, and they can even help you reduce the risk of some serious medical conditions. Researchers in Finland, for instance, have come to the conclusion that just 30 minutes of cycling each day can lower the risk of developing diabetes by 40%.

While all of that is well known and well documented, it clearly hasn’t been enough to get you to try this exercise class for yourself. But there are a number of benefits you haven’t heard of yet, three of which we lay out in this blog.

Great for Abs
While you might not realize it, indoor cycling classes are great for strengthening your abdominal muscles. That is because you need to keep your core engaged the entire time your are in the class. If you don’t? Your instructor will be the very first person to point out that you are slouching. Not only that, constantly switching between sitting and standing while riding will give your glutes a nice workout.

Great Group Energy
When you first started working out, someone no doubt pulled you aside and told you about the importance of a gym buddy – someone to push and to challenge you and keep you honest about how hard you’re working. Cycling classes take that principle and multiply it by a dozen. Imagine the energy in a room of a dozen people all working for the same goal in the same rhythm – you won’t believe what you can accomplish in those conditions.

Easy on the Joints
Runners, you were waiting for us to get to you. It’s no secret that running is torturous for the body, especially the knees. A trip to the cycling studio affords you a great cardio workout without the stress to your knees. Whether you mix it into your weekly rotation or save it for when your runner’s knee is acting up, cycling class is a great weapon to have in your arsenal.

There are a number of great reasons to try your first cycling class, so what’s stopping you? Visit a StarCycle studio today and experience it for yourself!